Preparing to sell

Clean Clean Clean

  • Windows, baseboards, carpets, cobwebs, etc.  Put your best foot forward when buyers come to view the property.


  • If you have flipped on HGTV even once during the past decade, you know how important this is.  This applies to not only your family portraits, but also a hobby you might be into, i.e. dear heads/antlers, sports memorabilia, etc.


  • Your collection of Precious Moments figurines is great, but simplify everything so buyers can see the home rather than your stuff.

Do the Honey-Dos

  • Got a cabinet that sticks slightly ajar?  Loose railing going up the stairs?  Front door need some paint or varnish?

Don’t Forget the Outside

  • Landscaping and outdoor living spaces are more important than ever.  If you have an area for a table and chairs outside, enhance it’s allure by adding colorful plants.  Make sure that the yard you are overlooking is orderly and clear of debris.