The Woodlands Township

The Woodlands Township…Friend or Foe?  Just kidding.  I think friend!

We have all heard the stories about the letters our neighbors have received for various infractions like storing their trash and recycling bins in a place visible from the street.  True, these little things seems annoying.  However, in my 13 years here, I have learned that if you just play by their rules, you shouldn’t have any problems.

I have remodeled two homes here in The Woodlands.  The home I live in now received a major overhaul in 2011.  To begin the project, I went to the Township and asked from the beginning what would be required from me for this project.  As it turned out, their requirements enabled me to get more specific bids from different contractors.  Also, their mandatory inspections at various phases of the project gave me reassurance that all was going well.

In addition to keeping our villages looking good and keeping property values up, The Woodlands Township does TONS of programming for residents that really make our community a fun place to live, including; summer camps for kids, dive-in movies, live music, gardening/composting seminars, etc.  We really are fortunate to live in a place that works so hard to cater to the interests of their residents!  You can find much more information on The Township here.