Ugh! Poor salad bar etiquette drives me crazy!

So today I’m at Jason’s Deli (, one of my all-time favorite places.  I love it there

because it’s fresh, quick, and healthy (depending on the choices you make!)  My sweet husband and I always get the salad bar and I have a cup of Tortilla Soup.  So again today, I was reminded of people’s ridiculous concept of salad bar etiquette.  At Jason’s the salad bar offers different things on each side.  NEWSFLASH:  If you want Ranch dressing, but you already built your salad on the other side, you MUST go back to the lettuce/spinach area (read: beginning) of the salad bar and wait your turn to get to the Ranch!  I’m sorry, that’s just the way it goes.  If it really bothers you to have to go through the whole thing twice, then start out on the Ranch dressing side next time!

I was there last week, and I could not believe this woman.  First, she budged in front of me, then she budged behind me, then she had the nerve to ask, ‘where are you going?’  Where am I going?  I’m going slowly but steadily down my side of the salad bar, it seems to be you who doesn’t know where you are going, lady!  Alright, the world is on notice now.  Thanks for reading!

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